Eutrof and oligotroph lakes

Grazed and ungrazed meadows

Forest or open fields.

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Habitats and wild animals

Tovetorp is located in a diverse landscape which features a variety of wild animals and plants. Beavers, fallow deer and hare are regular residents. Insect life is rich thanks to ungrazed meadows and a forest of dead trees on the estate. Several species of bats can be observed in the area. There is a weather station at Tovetorp which records temperature, windspeed and direction, rain and moisture as well as luminosity every 10 minutes. Many species of birds nest in and around Tovetorp such as all major small passerines, owls, cranes and snipe. 

Some of the habitats of Tovetorp are:

  • Eutrophic lake (Malmasjön)

  • Oligotrophic lake (Likstammen)

  • Two seasonal wetlands by the lakes

  • Bogland (Stockmossen)

  • Flooded (dead) forest.

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  • Old oak, ash and linden trees

  • Dry ridges with pine trees

  • Young birch forest

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  • Grazed and ungrazed pastures

  • Meadow (ungrazed) at Kronängen

  • Cultivated fields (grassland)