5 enclosures for large herbvors and carnivors

6 chicken coops

4 outdoor avian houses

Mutliple butterfly cages

Meadows, lakes and woodland.

Is Tovetorp the right place for your project?


Tovetorp has the following enclosures:

” Kronängen” 12 ha (approximately 30 acres) with 5x5 cm mesh size. Kronängen is free of large herbivores, which makes it good for comparison of grazing pressure. The open fields are cut for hay each summer. Kronängen has its own cabin for cooking and over-night stay as well as a small barn. There are state of the art insect cages on Kronängen (see below)

” Dammhägnet” 6 ha (approximately 15 acres). This enclosure is currently occupied by domesticated fallow deer. It runs as a slope form the main campus of Tovetorp down to Malmasjön. The area closest to the lake is marshland. It features an electrified observational tower.

” Stockmossehägnet” 20 ha (approximately 50 acres). Currently empty, it features both open fields and woodland. It has its own observational electrified tower.

” Vretstugehägnet” 10 ha (approximately 24 acres). This enclosure is cut in two with an internal wire mesh fence. It has its own observational tower. Vretstugehägnet is currently occupied by fallow and red deer.

"Säkerhetshägent" 0,2 ha (approximately 0,5 acres). This is a state-of-the-art enclosure certified for large predators such as wolves. It has a security lock area for safe entering as well as electrified fencing. 


Tovetorp has several avian facilities

There are 6 chicken coops currently occupied by with free ranging dwarf hen

The outdoor passerine house (featured in the photo above) is certified for birds up to the size of crows. Each house in the row is 6x4 meters with an access coordior and an observational house inside.

We have resident populations of nesting swifts and jackdaws which nest inside the barn in indoor bird housings (24 of each) with outdoor access, making them ideal for observing nesting behavior.

There are also several indoor animal rooms which open to enclosed areas through special access doors, which makes observation easy.

Avian Housing
Avian Housing

Tovetorp has several large butterfly cages at the enclosed meadow called Kronängen. These cages can be refitted to suit your purpose regarding access for insect predators. These cages can easily be combined with dataloggers for measuring local variations in temperature and moisture.

Tovetorp also has its own central weather station which records wind, daylight, rain, temperature and humidity every ten minutes, which can be used as a handy reference for your experiments.

Avian Housing
Avian Housing
Butterfly cages
avian magnetic field houses.jpg

Tovetorp can boost having three houses which are enclosed in Faraday cages, thus these are perfect for studies where neutralizing or reversing earth’s magnetic field is important. There is also a smaller facility on the main campus for easy access.

Magnetic field houses